Biogas Development Program Surajdhara Scheme & Annapurna Scheme for State Demonstration
Agricultural Extension Program


This is the program of ?learn and advice?.In this scheme the farmers are made aware of the recent developments made in agri researches and are encouraged to implement these in their farming with the help of agri extension worker who regularly visits these villages. During these visits AEW gathers all the problems of the farmers (related to their farms) and then they solve these problems with the help of Agriculture scientists.AEW are regularly trained to make them aware of the latest technologies.Under this program the RAEO?s who are working at the field level, provides technical consultation as well as necessary input material arrangements to the farmers. Since Kharif 1999, before every crop season ? fortnightly meeting? is arranged so that enhanced cropping technique could be decided and through Krishi Mela's the extension work has been started which is running successfully. Since last year, new technique of agriculture extension inspection and assesment has been started. Under this technique, officers /workers involved in agri ext have to write the details of their daily work in a daily register which r then evaluated by senior officers.

Area of Operation: All 45 districts of state.

Fertilizer Quality Control Program


For testing the quality of fertilizers that are to be given to the farmers, the state has 4 fertilizer testing laboratories situated in Jabalpur, Indore, Gwalior and Bhopal.Ferilizer testing laboratories had inspected 5830 Fertilizer samples in 2000 -2001, out of which 4474 samples were of standard level.

Seed Quality Control Program


In order to provide high quality seed of standard level , there are 4 seed quality control testing labs are working, 2 of which are seed certification agencies & one is of Oilseed coorporation. Departmental lab at Gwalior had inspected 3544 seed samples in 2000 -2001, out of which 3218 samples were of standard level.


Fertilizer/Pesticides Quality Control Program


Pesticide quality control laboratory (situated in Jabalpur) tests pesticides which are used to save the crop from insect diseases. Pesticide quality control laboratory at Jabalpur had inspected 654 Pesticides samples in 2000 -2001, out of which 528 samples were of standard level.

Biogas Development Program


Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Industrial development coorporation, Madhya Pradesh Energy development coorporation and Khadi and Village Industry Commision  are working in the state  to develop the biogas plant.Central government has appointed the Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Industrial development coorporation as the nodal agencie.

Area of Operation:

It is working in all 45 districts.Under this scheme grants for 1 cubic meter to 10 cubic meter capacity Biogas plants are provided under different rates.

Surajdhara Scheme and Annapurna Scheme for State Demonstration


The objective of the SURAJDHARA and ANNAPURNA scheme is  to provide seeds of improved and high yielding varieties for cereals, oilseeds and pulse crops, through replacement of old varieties. It shall cover small and marginal farmers of ST and SC categories.Inorder to get these seeds the farmers will have to give the non certified seed which is 25% of the received certified seed.

Both Annapurna and Surajdhara schemes has these 3 components

Seed Exchange

Seed Self Reliance

Seed Production

Under these schemes there are various crops to be covered in Kharif and the Rabi Season, these crops are as follows:

1.      Kharif

i.      Pulses: arhar, moong, urad.

ii.     Oilseeds: soyabean, til, ramtil (niger), castor, groundnut, sunflower.

iii.      Cereals: rice, maize, jowar, kodo ? kutki.

2.      Rabi/Summer

i.      Pulses: gram, pea, lentil, teora, moong, urad.

ii.     Oilseeds: safflower, mustard, toria, rapeseed, linseed, castor, sunflower, ramtil

(Niger), groundnut.

iii.    Cereals: wheat, gram.