M.P State Agro Industry
M.P State Seed Corporation
Seed Certification
Mandi Board
Agricultural Engineering

Allied Agencies


The Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation (MARKFED) is an Apex level Federation of Cooperative Marketing Societies in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The Society is registered under the Madhya Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act 1960.

Federation represents the numerous marketing and allied societies of the state. As of March 2001, 940 societies were members of Markfed. With the creation of the Chhatisgarh state the business activity of Markfed have been bifurcated. M.P. Markfed has an extensive network of branches in the state:

i. Zonal Offices 7

ii. District Marketing Offices 45

District offices are located at almost all the district headquarters. These offices undertake bulk of business and are well equipped with infrastructure and are manned with experienced staff.


  1. To assist and strengthen its member marketing and other marketing societies in the state.

  2. To provide agricultural inputs to the farmers through member of societies numbering over six thousand to promote the production of their agricultural produce.

  3. To procure the agricultural produce from farmers in regulated Mandies.

  4. To carry out welfare activities as per the state government directives

  5. To construct godowns to increase the storage facilities in the state.

2. The Madhya Pradesh State Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd:

The Madhya Pradesh State Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd. is a wholly Government company headquartered at the State Capital Bhopal which is actively engaged in promoting the agro potential of Madhya Pradesh.

Major Activities of M.P. Agro:

  1. Marketing of Agricultural inputs such as Seeds, Pesticides, Agricultural Machineries, and Tractors, Irrigation systems such as Pump sets, Sprinkler and Drip system and Chemical Fertilizers.

  2. Manufacture of High Quality Bio-Fertilizers such as Rhizobium, Azatobacter and PSB.

  3. Manufacture of ORGANIC-MANURE from Farm Waste and City Garbage

  4. Large-scale production of Hybrid Vegetable Seeds, Planting Material for Fruits and Commercial Scale Production of Vegetables and Fruits for the Domestic and International market at India's largest farm (3500 acres).

  5. Promotion of Agro Processing Industries in Madhya Pradesh with special emphasis on units for Pulping, Brining and Freezing of Fruits, Vegetables and Floriculture.

  6. Procurement and marketing of Vegetables and Fruits in raw and processed form for the Domestic and International market.

  7. Providing incentives declared by the Central Government as well as State Government on different INCENTIVE SCHEMES.

3. M.P. State Seed Certification Agency

Purpose of Seed Certification:

The purpose of seed certification is to maintain and make available to the public, through certification, high quality seeds and propagating materials of notified kind and varieties so grown and distributed as to ensure genetic identity and genetic purity. Seed Certifications also designed to achieve prescribed standards.

Certification Agency:

Certification shall be conducted by the Certification Agency notified under section 8 of the Seed Act,1966.

Certified Seed Producer:

Certified seed producer means a person who grows or distributes certified Seed in accordance with the procedures and standards of the certification.

Eligibility Requirements for Certification of Crop Varieties:

Seed for only those varieties which are notified under section 5 of the Seeds Act, 1966 shall Be eligible for certification.

4. M.P. State Agricultural Marketing Board

As per census carried out in the year 1991, population of Madhya Pradesh is 6,61,35,862 out of this rural population is 5,07,87,815. The main livelihood of this rural population is agriculture. There are 76.03 lakh families of farmers. Improvement in the economic status of these farmers is only possible with the improvement in Agricultural Production and Marketing. Usually farmers/producers do not get the proper price of their produce due to commission agents, brokers who purchase their produce at lower price. Farmers also have to bear loss in weighing of their produce and to get payment. Farmers do not have any other livelihood other than agriculture; due to this they have to sale their production at lower price to fulfill their immediate needs. Therefore our aim should not only to increase produce but also to provide the facilities and arrangements for marketing of produce for example storage, transportation, grading and price of produce.

To prevent the exploitation of farmers, to provide them proper price for their produce and to facilitate better marketing facility M.P. State Agricultural Produce Marketing Act, 1972 was implemented.

Main Provision of this Act is

Elected Market Committees with predominance of agriculturists for management of market (Agriculturists being one whose livelihood depends solely on farming)

License from Market Committee essential for carrying on trade, processing etc. of agricultural produce

Purchase from producer by trader outside market yard prohibited.

Sale of Agricultural produce in market yards only by open auction or tender bid system.

Commission Agents barred from auction on behalf of the producers

Payment to the seller on the same day, for non-payment, purchaser has to pay penalty interest @ 1% per day up to five days. Failure in payment results in automatic cancellation of license and no fresh license issued for one year.

Arrangement for correct weighing under the supervision of Marketing Committee

Facility for storage of agricultural produce in case of non-sale

Construction of "Rest House" for farmers


The Madhya Pradesh Agricultural Marketing Board was established in 1973, as envisaged in Section 40, 41 & 42 of the M.P. State Krishi Upaj Mandi Adhiniyam, 1972. Board is working in different aspects viz. Administration, overall development of market yard and to help to ensure better marketing system in the state.

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