Agriculture Exports

The commerce ministry has identified 10 agricultural products for sustainable export promotion. These are : rice, wheat products, coarse grains, spices, cashew, oilmeals, sugar, horticultural products, floricultural products and processed foods. The ministry plans to have a consistent policy for the export of rice, both basmati and non-basmati, wheat products and pulses. In the past few years, while the exports of some traditional items from India has fallen, that of some new products has started going up.

India's agro exports in 1997-98 are expected to have fallen to Rs. 23,690 crores from Rs. 24,241 crores in 1996-97, ln 1997-98, the exports comprised cereals and pulses Rs. 7,520 crores; oilseeds, oils and oilmeals Rs. 4,315 crores; plantation crops (tea, coffee, cashew, tobacco and spices) Rs. 7,292 crores; sugar, molasses, jaggery and alcoholic drinks Rs. 1,695 crores; and fruits, vegetables and other processed foods, Rs. 4,020 crores.

India's share of agricultural exports in its total exports has declined from 40 per cent in the 1970s to 30 per cent in 1980-81, 19.4 per cent in 1990-91,14.7 per cent in 1992-93 and 13.4 per cent in 1994-95 before rising to 16.4 per cent in 1995-96 and 17.7 per cent in 1996-97. In 1997-98 the share of agricultural exports in India's total exports was 18.8 per cent against. In 1998-99, the share is expected to have fallen to 18.0 per cent.